Enterprise Functionality

While most of the funeral homes that purchase FDMS® Network find all the necessary tools within our standard program, there are some organizations that are looking for more. Even though different funeral homes use the same great program, it doesn't mean that every organization operates their business the same way.

Because of the size or structure of your business you may need additional accounting tools or the ability for members of your organization to dig deeper into your reports. You might want the ability to integrate the information from your answering service into your First Call information. Connecting your FDMS® Network information to an additional stationary product would add greater flexibility to your memorial options. Using FDMS® Network during the arrangement process, you can display the caskets you have to offer within the same program. These are the types of tools you can add to FDMS Network with our Enterprise Functionality.

These additional features are not for everyone, but if you are looking for something extra, our Enterprise Functionality might be for you. To read more about these additional tools and modules, click on one of the links below.

  • QuickBooks Accounting Support – Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an expert to call if you have a QuickBooks accounting question or problem? Click here to learn more about working with a QuickBooks Certified Pro.
  • Integrated Credit Card Payment Processing – Do you want to save time, money, and accounting steps with the convenience of processing your families’ credit card payments via FDMS Network? Click here to learn more about processing your credit card payments.
  • Reporting Dashboard – Would you like the ease of reporting at a global level? If you have an organization with multiple locations, check out our new Dashboard to deliver automated standard and custom reports at a variety of levels.
  • eRegister Book - Give your families another way to share the memories of loved ones and friends with an interactive tool that delivers video tributes and captures register book information with an iPad.
  • Virtual Showroom – Do you wish you had the ability to display your products online, but do not want to tie yourself to one supplier’s website. Check out the new Virtual Showroom that integrates into FDMS Network and your Aldor Solutions website.

If one of these options fills a gap in your business needs, request a demo, email or call us to learn more. Let FDMS® Network be the platform to a deeper dive into your business and management activities.

Don't have FDMS® Network yet? Request a demo, email or call us today to see more.