FDMS Network

As the oldest continuing supplier of funeral home software and an industry innovator, Aldor Solutions offers Funeral Director's Management System software ("FDMS® Network") - the industry's first and most trusted hosted funeral home management software solution. FDMS® Network is a mortuary business management program that is web-based, updated automatically and backed up every night.

As manager of a funeral home, do you...

  • Need more time in your day?
  • Want to improve the efficiency of your staff?
  • Wish you could reduce or even eliminate duplication of efforts?
  • Desire better access to sales activity, accounts receivable and aging reports?
  • Know how protected all of your business information is?

Imagine funeral home business software that will allow you to enter complete information for a case and be ready to print forms in less than 15 minutes. FDMS® Network allows you to collect first call, vitals, family, service times, veteran's, financial, and other information. From there, you can print all the forms needed to process a traditional or cremation service.

Suppose you could save time by having backups done automatically every night. Most funeral homes either don't backup their case information or don't do it frequently enough. FDMS® Network is automatically backed up every night. In fact, Aldor Solutions keeps back ups of at least seven consecutive days worth of information. Should catastrophe strike, you can be restored quickly and easily.

Envision the benefit of seeing your business information from anywhere at anytime. Because FDMS® Network is web-based, you can access your information anywhere you can connect to the internet. Multiple computers in the same mortuary, multiple funeral chapels, and multiple users can easily be connected without the need for expensive hardware. Accessing your information from home or an out of town trip is no longer a problem. This solution can help a single location funeral home or a multi-location organization.

Know your information is safe from natural disaster, computer crashes, and viruses. FDMS® Network is protected behind a secure firewall ensuring your precious case information is always protected.

Let Aldor Solutions show you how this software can work for your funeral home. Request a demo, email or give us a call today.